Traralgon Thai Restaurant

Establishment and food at 39 Hotham Street, Traralgon, VIC 3844, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Traralgon Thai Restaurant: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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39 Hotham Street
VIC 3844
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+61 3 5176 4949


Opening hours

Sunday 05:00pm — 09:00pm
Monday 05:00pm — 09:00pm
Tuesday 05:00pm — 09:00pm
Wednesday 05:00pm — 09:00pm
Thursday 05:00pm — 09:00pm
Friday 05:00pm — 09:00pm
Saturday 05:00pm — 09:00pm

Reviews of Traralgon Thai Restaurant

    Ross Marchetti Added October 20, 2020
    Never disappoints
    Felicity Saliba Added October 16, 2020
    Called 2 days in advance to make a dinner reservation for 2. They told us they could have us in at 7.30.
    We walk in at 7.26pm and they asked us to wait in our car until 7.30 as there were too many people inside at that point (fair enough, we thought, due to covid regulations).
    When we sat in the car 2 women walked in, about 40 seconds after we walked out and they were seated! No one had left the restaurant, so why let 2 in when we were just told there were too many people.
    2 minutes later 6 people walk out and it's now 7.30. We walk back in, again, told that there were too many people, I asked why she seated those 2 women and 6 had just left. This time she gave us the opportunity to wait inside. No apologies were given, we waited another 2 minutes and were disgusted with the situation, we left and had a tasty, fresh meal at Shnitz. We won't be coming back to your restaurant.
    Aaron Lee Added October 14, 2020
    With only 2 couples in the restaurant, we were served only a entree, in more than 30 minutes of waiting. We notice 6 take away orders come through and be served.
    Not once did the two wait staff, ask if we wanted our water bottle refilled. Then I had to suffer the indignity of waiting forever for them to work out what the cost of the entree was.
    We ordered a banquet, and to avoid waiting paid $30 for a small entree.
    I hardly ever leave bad reviews, dam it, get your act together!
    Tony Wielgosz Added October 13, 2020
    Last meal before lockdown was awesome. Food and wine was exceptional
    Gail Added October 09, 2020
    Great food, plenty of it. Already looking forward to visiting again.

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